England and America

It’s quite well documented that Elton John and Bernie Taupin made it big in the US first. The Troubadour will forever live in the hearts and minds of Eltonites as the quintessential moment of discovery for “Rock’s newest stars.”

And then you’ve got moments like Dodger Stadium, the Las Vegas residencies, the concert in Central Park, just to name a few…not to mention landing the cover of Time magazine as Rock’s Captain Fantastic.

I love this ode to both of their home countries. I know they will always be “Made in England,” but I feel like they both hold a very special place in their hearts for the little country across the pond. And I am honored (or should I say honoured) for that.

They share a 50+ year relationship with America (arguably even longer for BT, who grew up enamored with cowboys and the American West). From countless concerts, tours, and residencies…to owning homes here…to forming the Elton John Aids Foundation in Atlanta…to cross-country art exhibitions…to Academy Awards…to so much more that I can’t even fathom:

A mixture of red, white and blues
Had run right through our life

I love that imagery, don’t you?!

I also like that this tune is bit of a rocker, and (of course) how Elton stresses the second syllable of America.

I don’t pretend to know much about their lives other than what we’ve been privileged to hear them share. I’m sure that – just like the rest of us – there have been amazing experiences, great memories, forgotten stories, and everything in between in both countries. But the equanimity is apparent:

And I’ve tried to take my time
To get back up, hold on and climb
Into the arms you’ll always find me
In England and America

Feels good to hold, to not let go
This safety net still hangs below
And if I fall it’s good to know
There’s England and America

Not to worry, boys. America’s got your back. Always.

Take a listen.