Six Degrees

Oh yeah, I forgot to explain the subtitle of this blog, which is “Six Degrees of Elton John.”

You know the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”…where any actor can be linked through his/her film roles to Kevin Bacon (the actor) within six steps?

Well, I have this theory that anything in life can be related back to Elton John in six steps or less, too.  Usually through a song, sometimes through what he’s said or done, sometimes through another artist he’s worked with or influenced and often to the torture of my family and friends, I can relate just about anything to EJ.

Say, for example, you mention John Mayer.  Well, I can tell you that John Mayer once said he knew he was on his way when he got a call from Elton John (that’s one degree).  Challenge me to connect “curtains” to EJ – and I’ll just sigh and say, that’s easy, he’s got a song by that title (that’s zero degrees).  And so on…(My daughter, however, reminds me that I have yet to connect cottage cheese to EJ, but I’m still working on that).

So, not only will I openly, incessantly and arguably obnoxiously celebrate the musical genius of Elton and Bernie in this blog, I may also from time to time use this platform to prove my theory.

Humor me…