Will the things we wrote today sound as good tomorrow?

Silly boys, but of course they will!

And we were oh oh, so you know
Not the kind to dawdle
Will the things we wrote today
Sound as good tomorrow
We will still be writing
In approaching years
Stifling yawns on Sundays
As the weekends disappear

And they have been (for going on 6 decades)!  For me, they’ll always be relevant. (Can’t wait for the EJ/BT/Leon Russell collaboration this fall).

As a wannabe writer, this song hit home with me from the start.  And it’s such a happy, perhaps even relieved song.  A collective and well-deserved “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” from the boys.

BTW, this song is from Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, an album that doesn’t have a bad track on it.  And must I remind you that it debuted at number 1 – the first album EVER to do that?!  If I recall correctly, it went platinum before it even arrived at the stores!

We could stretch our legs if we’d half a mind
But don’t disturb us if you hear us trying
To instigate the structure of another line or two

I just love the way that last line sounds!

And I love the percussion (kudos, Ray!) in this tune, too.  I’ve always said that this song sounds so “British” – whatever that means.

Now here’s Writing for your listening pleasure.

Writing (Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy – 1975)