Hello, baby, hello…

This was the first ring tone I had on my cell phone.  And trust me, it wasn’t easy, since my phone at the time did not support user-created ring tones.  Quite embarrassing when my husband works for myxer.  But we got that solved by buying a new phone – the first thing I asked was “does it allow ring tones?” (Priorities, of course)!

Hello, baby hello
Haven’t seen your face for a while
Have you quit doing time for me
Or are you still the same spoiled child

A largely overlooked tune, especially considering that’s its on GBYBR, his most popular album of all – and with so many other great songs. I do remember the first time I heard it on the radio – it was during an “All Elton John” weekend on 96X (Miami, Florida).  Those were the days! (Speaking of radio, why isn’t there an all EJ XM or Sirius station)?

Hello, baby hello
Open up your heart and let your feelings flow
You’re not unlucky knowing me
Keeping the speed real slow
In any case I set my own pace
By stealing the show, say hello, helloooooo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Ok, so the oh’s aren’t really part of the lyrics, but they should be!

And just so you know, he says “harmony” exactly 7 times at the end…ah, ah…

Harmony, gee I really love you!

Harmony (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – 1973)