If you ask how I am then I’ll just say inspired

One of my favorite Bernie lines ever!  Too bad I always forget to respond that way when someone asks “How are you?”!

There was a face on a hoarding that someone had drawn on
And just enough time for the night to pass by without warning
Away in the distance there’s a blue flashing light
Someone’s in trouble somewhere tonight
As the flickering neon stands ready to fuse
The wind blows away all of yesterday’s news

I feel like I’m right there in London, sitting in some diner in the middle of the night, impatiently waiting for morning to arrive…I can smell the cigarette smoke, I can hear the quintessentially British sirens…Amazingly graphic.

(Oh, yes, and I must admit that I had to look up the word “hoarding” when I first heard this song.  Apparently, it’s the British word for “billboard.”  Cool).

‘Cause the steam’s in the boiler the coal’s in the fire
If you ask how I am then I’ll just say inspired
If the thorn of a rose is the thorn in your side
Then you’re better off dead if you haven’t yet died

And Nigel, you outdid yourself on this song.  Love, love, love, love, love the drums!

Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead (Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy – 1975)