Christmas in the middle of the year

So, today the first 15 replacement EJ albums arrived.

And why do I need replacement albums? Well, I am ashamed to say (yes, my head is hanging, hanging, hanging in shame) that several years ago, I let my husband convince me that I would never, ever, ever listen to my albums again…of which many were EJ (of course!), and of those, many were in duplicate (because I had worn the originals out).  So…we gave them away.  (Gasp!)  Actually, we put them out on the lawn with other big items, and one of our neighbors came by and asked if he could have them. I always envisioned they went to a good home (vs. being sold at a yard sale or on what would become eBay), but I have regretted that decision so many times!!!

So I decided to build my EJ vinyl collection from scratch again. Yes, I may never listen to them (because I don’t think I have a turntable any more), but I just want to touch, to see, to smell them.  They represent a link to my past…and, of course, to EJ and Bernie’s past.  It’s like reading a hard cover book or getting a hand-written note from someone – you can’t replace that feeling.

What’s even better, some of these albums I never had in vinyl…I was buying CDs then, so my collection will be even bigger and better than before.

Anyway, when they arrived, my daughter said I was like a kid a Christmas. So (early) Merry Christmas, Kimoreena…here’s to the first 15! And I’ve got Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy on its way now!

  • 11-17-70
  • 21 at 33
  • A Single Man
  • Blue Moves
  • Breaking Hearts
  • Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player
  • Friends
  • Greatest Hits Volume II
  • Here and There
  • Ice on Fire
  • Jump Up!
  • Live in Australia
  • Madman Across the Water
  • Reg Strikes Back
  • Too Low For Zero

And in case you don’t know the song from which I borrowed the title for this post, here it is:

Cold as Christmas (In the Middle of the Year)

My thoughts on this song will just have to wait for another blog post…gotta go touch and sniff and hug those old albums now!

Cold as Christmas (Too Low for Zero – 1983)