Fifty Candles in the Wind

This past Thursday night, my sisters and brothers surprised me with a poem, commemorating my 50th birthday celebration earlier this year. Of course, they knew whatever they wrote must have some linkage to EJ, so here it is…

Fifty Candles in the Wind*

Told to pack for two days, Kim asked “Where are we going?”
She was told . . . (dot, dot, dot) the ellipsis, it was showing.

On Facebook, by texts, hoping someone would spill
Curiosity mounting – Oh, the cats she could kill.

With Dad’s knee, leg and shoulder – and not daring to leave
It’s hell getting older; she sighed, “I need a reprieve.”

Once arriving in Jax, her tiara in place
The celebration began; there’s a smile on her face.

She requested some footwork, some colorful toes,
Red, pink or coral – only Kimberlee knows.

Mystified, in the dark, her breath it was bating…
We delighted to serve as her Ladies-in-Waiting.

Then off to the spa; a masseur or masseuse?
It was over too soon and we bid them “a-deuce.”

In St. Augustine proper, so warm and so windy
We shopped; we rode trolleys and laughed at blue Cindy.

Good food was eaten and fine wine was tasted;
Coffee was sipped – not a beverage was wasted.

Now Pam, she’s a riot, a countdown to tears;
And Lisa’s up next as we tally the years.

But for now, we’ll remember “our princess, our queen”
Another year older, yet HER underwear’s clean!**

She’s lovely, she’s special; fill her glass to the rim,
She’s funny – “just kidding” – she’s our dear sister, Kim.

By Pam, Cindy, Lisa, Mark and Paul

Now don’t I have the bestest siblings ever?  Note that the uncensored, director’s cut version is available upon request.

*Alternative titles:

  • I’m Still Standing Even After Fifty Years
  • Turning Fifty…I Know That’s Why They Call it the Blues
  • Mama Can’t Buy You Love and She Definitely Can’t Turn Back the Hands of Time

**Don’t even ask, but it’s not me they’re referring to!