¿Qué palabra en español!!!

I do love this song, but it is has always been a source of frustration to me.  Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…what the heck word in Spanish are you referring to? I realize that the mystery of not knowing adds to the song’s intrigue, but please, I beg you,  just tell us what word brings the female lead to tears? I wanna know!

And there’s a word in Spanish I don’t understand
But I heard it in a film one time spoken by the leading man
He said it with devotion, he sounded so sincere
And the words he spoke in Spanish brought the female lead to tears
A word in Spanish, a word in Spanish

BTW, the Spanish guitar is just awesome, Davey!  It brings this female lead to tears…

So maybe you can figure out what word in Spanish Mr. Taupin is alluding to:

Una palabra en español

A Word in Spanish (Reg Strikes Back – 1988)