Ok, so I’ve had nearly a week to listen to, absorb and reflect upon The Union.  I feel like I should have some earth-shattering revelation to share with you, some Taupin-esque tidbit (if only!) that ties it all together, but all I can muster up is this:  The Union amazes me…it (truly) amazes me.

I have been eagerly and unabashedly anticipating the release of The Union for months now (October 19th! October 19th!)…IT. DOES. NOT. DISAPPOINT.  In fact, it exceeds my expectations – and my hopes.  The tag line (“Welcome back to real music”) is not only genius, but apropos.

I was thrilled to read that Rolling Stone gave it 5 stars…and that overall the album is receiving widespread critical acclaim.  FINALLY!

Suffice it to say there’s not a track I don’t like.  My favorites (so far) are Going to Shiloh (with a haunting piano line that I just can’t get off my mind), Hey Ahab (a classic EJ rocker), Monkey Suit (fun!) and In the Hands of Angels (it is just beautiful, and now that I know why Leon wrote it, I can’t listen to it without getting all misty eyed).

Rather than me going on and on about how miraculous I think this album is, I think YOU should give it a spin (or two…) and decide for yourself.  Besides, I’m sure the songs on this album will grace my blog soon…I just want some time for them to sink in and become part of the Elton tapestry that is so much a part of me.

So…like Elton wanting to show his gratitude and give something back to Leon, you, too, can show your gratitude and give something back to Elton…buy the CD!  Download it from iTunes! Make it #1! If you’ve ever appreciated an Elton John song (and you don’t have to be a nutcase like me)…whether it’s the likes of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or Crocodile Rock…or perhaps something less mainstream like Original Sin or Planes…or any of a bazillion other tunes that you could choose from…he deserves it.  Do it for EJ…Do it for the Governor!

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(The Union – 2010)