I need a quiet place to hide

Why is it that sometimes I get these feelings that I just can’t explain?  Last night, for example, as my Friday wound down, and I should’ve been looking forward to the weekend, I started feeling blue…quite blue, actually.  (And despite what my husband may think, it’s not because I love work that much).  You’d think after all these years I would’ve figured myself out, but I guess that’s still work in progress…

There’s some things I don’t have now
Some things I don’t talk about
These things are between myself and I
In my thick skull the joker hides

Now that goes without saying when it comes to me!

How come birds don’t fall from the sky when they die?
How come birds always look for a quiet place to hide?
These words can’t explain what I feel inside
Like birds I need a quiet place to hide

I wonder what made Bernie think that?  I can honestly say it never dawned on me to question why birds don’t fall from the sky when they die…but now that I think about it, it kinda makes sense (to me, anyway).

You know, I really like the upbeat tempo of this tune, particularly the transition to the second verse…it kind of belies the tone of the lyrics (or at least the tone I read into them).  And, you may recall from previous posts, I’m really into that dichotomy thing…

These independent moves I make
This confidence I try to fake
You can hear the beating of my heart
But not a feather falling in the dark

And everything I hear never makes any sense
Another old prophet perched on the fence
A cupful of pencils and a self help guru
Don’t answer the question of what I am to you

Anyway, there’s a lot more interesting music and lyrics to listen to and think about where this comes from (and not just this tune, but the whole Songs from the West Coast album, one of my favorites)…


In the end, though, these (my) words still can’t explain what I feel inside, but I guess that’s the point…


Birds (Songs from the West Coast – 2001)