A gnome by any other gname…

My EJ collection (ok, shrine) grew by one the other day with the purchase of the Gnomeo and Juliet DVD…a little birthday present to myself.  Now, if they only had G&J memorabilia!

A Blue, a Red and a Pink...

Have you seen the movie yet?  If not, let’s just start off by saying…”The story you are about to see has been told before.  A lot.”

Here’s a brief description (courtesy of Fandango.com):

“The animated tale Gnomeo and Juliet knowingly follows the quintessential star-crossed lovers tragedy Romeo and Juliet, with the unexpected twist of making the characters garden gnomes that can move when human beings aren’t watching. Though Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) belong to feuding garden gnome families, they meet and fall in love.”

Doomed (as Nanette would say), doomed.

So, was it the best movie I’ve ever seen?  Well, no…but I certainly did enjoy it.  It was actually better than I expected, and my teenage kids liked it (and so did the younger kids sitting behind us in the theater).

Of course, I enjoyed ALL of the songs in the movie…I especially liked “The Bitch is Back” when Juliette is driving the mower, the “Bennie and the Jets” instrumental (when Bennie at the computer keyboard) and the interpolation of so many other EJ songs into the score.

I also like the original song “Love Builds a Garden”…

And love built a garden
Grew it from the ground up
Each one of us knowing every inch of it was us
We pulled it all together
Hoping and believing
That love built this garden for the two of us to dream in

I especially love the melancholy harmony of the last line in the chorus…perfect! (imho)

Here’s the song…

Now, where do I get some of these glasses?

Killer specs, dude!

Love Builds a Garden (Gnomeo and Juliet, 2011)