There’s something about distance…

…that gets to us all.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, wouldn’t you say?  It’s just that Bernie says it with a bit more originality than I.

Grey London morning, wet London streets
Rain on the window, wind in the trees
It’s my time to write, it’s your time to call
There’s something about distance that gets to us all

I’ve always imagined this song to be about Elton and Bernie…I guess because they are renowned for being at opposite ends of the world yet still collaborating, still best of friends.  (Can you say “two rooms”)?

And latitude
Fold back the morning and bring on the night
There’s an alien moon
That hangs between darkness and light
Latitude between me and you
You’re a straight line of distance
A cold stretch of black across blue

Regardless of who this song may be about, I just love those lines: “Fold back the morning and bring on the night” and “You’re a straight line of distance, a cold stretch of black across blue”…

And I like the music, too.  It has a bit of a country flair.  But then, it wouldn’t be an Elton John album if there wasn’t at least one song with a country tinge to it.  His voice does lend itself to that.

Once again, since this song is pretty obscure, it’s hard to find a good video…but here goes…

Latitude captures the heart and the mind

Latitude (Made in England – 1995)