I must have lost it on the wind

For all the boys who’ve ever stolen my heart, be it for a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime…this one’s for you.  Truly, your relationships (family, friends and flames alike) make you who you are  – and I’d say I’ve been pretty lucky (for the most part) all around.  (And so have all of you, by the way)!  I’d like to think I’ve come a long way over the years, yet I know I still have a way to go.  But that’s what makes it interesting.

Most know who they were, but some never did know.  And mostly thank you’s, some apologies and even a few blushes are in order.

Back when I was younger each one was a prize
Love just came along and hit you right between the eyes

Now I may not be so young any more, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate where I’ve come from, what I’ve been through and who’s helped me get to where I am.

But some are always in my heart
And some I’m not so sure
Either way they all left their mark
And for some I found a cure

Every once in a while, I look back and think about the relationships I’ve had over the years.  Sometimes it makes me wonder what the heck I was thinking, but mostly it just makes me smile.  You can always ask yourself “Why didn’t I”, “Why did I?”, “How could I be that stupid?”, “How did that one get away?”, “Why didn’t I feel the same way?”, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?  I was who I was then, I am who I am now.  And (borrowing from another song) “you can’t go back, and if you try it fails.”   Not that I’m trying to go back, not at all.  It’s just nice reminiscing sometimes.

And from one you learn something
And another you learn, nothing
And there’s one who might teach you everything
But before I learned to listen
And if indeed someone said it
Then I guess I must have lost it on the wind

Funny, if you were listening with your heart, you wouldn’t have heard it anyway.

You couldn’t tell me I was wrong, you couldn’t tell me anything

I Must Have Lost It On The Wind (The Captain and the Kim – 2006)