There’s a light where the darkness ends

The #1 Eltonite, Miquel Sala, reminded me about this song not too long ago…a highly underrated and very underplayed tune, if you ask me.

The final hit single of the 1980’s for EJ, Healing Hands is off Sleeping with the Past (one of my favorite EJ albums).  The album represents his and Bernie’s homage to 1960’s Motown/R&B, long a favorite and influence for both, and this song truly exemplifies that genre.   I love the gospel feel, his strong vocals and the musicality.  You can’t resist singing along or bopping to the beat.  And the message ain’t bad, either.

Healing Hands

So whose hands are healing?  Could be a lover’s, could be a parent’s, could be a caregiver’s, could be a spiritual guide’s, could even be the solace one might find from the music that comes from a certain piano player’s uncharacteristically stubby but mighty nonetheless piano-playing hands…

But giving into the nighttime
Ain’t no cure for the pain
You gotta wade into the water
You gotta learn to live again

And reach out for her healing hands
Reach out for her healing hands
There’s a light, where the darkness ends
Touch me now and let me see again
Rock me now in your gentle healing hands

C’mon, c’mon and reach out…

Healing Hands (Sleeping with the Past – 1989)