An interview with Charlie Morgan

I feel very honored to be considered one of the “experts” for this virtual interview with Charlie Morgan.  [I am not worthy]

For those of you who don’t know Charlie, he played with Elton John for thirteen years, starting with the Ice on Fire album in 1985.  He played on six albums and toured with Elton quite a few times over those years.

My favorite songs that Charlie played on are Heavy Traffic (from Reg Strikes Back) and Paris (from Leather Jackets), both of which I’ve blogged about.  Very different musically, but that just shows Charlie’s versatility and range.

After all these years and all his success, he still considers himself a “freelance rock drummer” – testament to how down to earth he is.

You should check out his website ( – his discography is quite impressive and his sense of humor is quite keen.

P.S.  This is meant as no offense to the iconic EJ drummer, Nigel Olssen.  It is just meant to honor another one of the great musicians that Elton has played with over the years.  And to do a little bragging that I was considered one of the “experts.”  (Thank you, Miquel)!