Sometimes the magic of the past is all we’ve got

From one of my very favorite albums (Songs from the West Coast), Mansfield evokes (to me, anyway) an old Hollywood movie.  In black and white (of course), the starlet glances ever so seductively to the other side of the room as the leading man looks not quite so innocently in her direction. Their eyes meet, and things, as they say, will never be the same.

And it’s the contact of the eye that meets across a crowded room
And how I kind of wound up the lyrics to your tune
You said, ‘Funny but it feels like I’ve known you all my life
And how it might feel to kiss you on the mouth tonight’

I really love the staccato rhythm of the bridge (not to mention the subtly seductive Taupin lyrics).

Two people come together unexpectedly, passionately for a time, but no longer. Ten years back by the hands of the clock.

Great strings arrangement by Paul Buckmaster. I love the fact that this album, the first in a long, long time for EJ to go back to his roots, integrated strings into several of its tracks. If I recall correctly, it was pretty well received by the critics. Really, if you’ve never listened to Songs from the West Coast, you absolutely should. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re fond of his earlier work.

Oh, yes, and there are a couple of Taupin classics in here…the line for which this post is named plus:

Off balance I found love the only place to fall

Another one of those songs through which Bernie’s lyrics paint such a vivid picture. You can almost feel the warmth of those Santa Ana winds. And Elton’s voice is sad, but accepting, if that makes sense.

Reminiscing can be so bittersweet. Indeed, sometimes the magic of the past is all we’ve got.

Mansfield (Songs from the West Coast – 2001)