Oh it doesn’t seem a year ago to this very day…

Another year passed, another trip around the sun.  Lest that sound like a sad statement, it truly has been a phenomenal year for the Captain and the Kim.

I must start out with a confession, though: I did not meet my goal of 65 posts this year (one for each of Elton’s 65 years). On the bright side, I did manage to publish 38 so far in 2012…and with this one, that’ll make 39. (In my defense, I do like to be thoughtful with my posts, so sometimes it takes me a while to get them to the point that I’m ready to publish. No comments from the peanut gallery – and that means you, Mark).

Some highlights from the Captain and the Kim in 2012:

  • Seeing Elton 5 times in concert this year, including the Million Dollar Piano show in Vegas
  • Meeting Bernie (!!!)
  • Becoming the proud owner of an autographed (to moi!) Bernie Taupin print (entitled “French Quarter”)
  • Being introduced to the 2Cellos through this latest tour
  • Reading Elton’s autobiography “Love is the Cure”
  • Watching the debut of King Elton in that Pepsi commercial (and I still want those shoes)
  • Celebrating a long awaited and overdue #1 album for Elton vs. Pnau (OK, so it was the UK, but I’ll take it)
  • Meeting lots of new friends and fellow Elton John fans through Facebook (I am not alone!)

I wonder what’s in store for 2013?  The Diving Board is due out (can’t wait!). I so hope he embarks on a special tour with the other two musicians who comprise the trio that are playing on the record. I can just picture him playing small, intimate venues (like the Fox in Atlanta). And who knows, maybe he’ll even be playing in Vegas the week I’m out there.  Wouldn’t that work out just smashingly?  🙂

Here’s to a blessed 2013 for all – especially the Captain, the Kid and all Eltonites out there!

– The Kim

EJ Glasses 2013