It belongs to me

The other day, I was sampling some of my earlier posts, and I happened upon “To really go forward, you have to go back to the beginning,” which is about The Union documentary.

I was reminded that the documentary is currently playing on HBO, so I thought I’d reminisce. Well, wouldn’t you know? Elton’s own words about his songwriting process struck a chord with me. I’m not sure why I didn’t catch it when I wrote the blog last year, but I have discovered yet another of those “one degree” connections.

Quoth Sir Elton, songwriting is “normally a very private process. I enter a movie made up of Bernie Taupin’s words. It’s a private world. Before it belongs to anyone else, it belongs to me.

Do you know that’s exactly how I feel every time Elton releases a new album?  To this day, nearly forty years and thirty-odd albums later*, I always listen to a new release by myself the first few times. I must. I’m not quite sure why, except that I enjoy experiencing it on my own, with no one’s (potentially less appreciative) ears clouding my judgement. For me, it is a very private world, like he’s singing just for me and Bernie has written just for me.  So before it belongs to anyone else, it belongs to me.

Now, my family can tell you that eventually I do, indeed, share the new music with them (over and over and over again, some  might add) along with my interpretations. But it’s just the first time that I want (need) to keep it all to myself.  After that, feel free to listen all you want (and, of course, ask for my humble opinion).

Needless to say, when The Voyeur comes out in May, there’ll be some alone time  for me to take it all in. Can’t wait!

*Pop Quiz: And what was the very first EJ album I owned?