A first Elton John experience

Guest blog by Mallory Springfield

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What can I say about seeing Elton John for the first time other than….AMAZING.

My fiance and I were more than thrilled to see the legendary EJ in concert (especially in LA)! We were going over which songs we knew, which ones we hoped he would play, etc. On top of getting to see him live we were extremely fortunate to have such great floor seats (thanks to Kim)!

Both Scott and I had seen famous musicians in the past but there was NO ONE who compared to seeing Elton live. From the minute he walked through the fog in his sparkly suit, we were star struck. For the next 3+ hours we danced and sang along to one of the greatest legends of all times.

One of the things I will remember the most from that night is his fans. I have never seen such loyal and excited people! I overheard people talking about how far they came from or how many times they have seen him perform.

Seeing Elton perform was truly unforgettable. Not just his singing but his entire performance from lights, stage design, and more. Im very grateful for the chance to see the world-renowned singer, songwriter and performer Elton John!

Editor’s Note: I was supposed to be at this concert, too, but the airlines did not cooperate. To be honest, I was a little nervous about what Scott and Mallory would think, but I am so happy they enjoyed the experience. Hopefully, their first won’t be their last…