Diamonds are this girl’s best friend

As many of you know, Sir Elton is soon to release Diamonds, the “ultimate greatest hits collection in honor of his and Bernie Taupin’s 50-year songwriting career.” (Yes, mine is pre-ordered as a Christmas present pour moi. Can’t open it until December 25th though)!

Of course, there is an Elton John: The Diamond Club Facebook group where you can share stories and memories of your favorite diamond song. And me – being ever the contrary and wordy one – couldn’t pick just one song or one memory, so I decided to share some of my diamond moments:

I’ve been thinking about what I should say here, but it is so hard to select just one diamond song/moment for me.

Could it be when I took the shrink wrap off my very first Elton album (Greatest Hits) and gave it a spin?  That was 1974 and I’ve been smitten ever since.

Could it be the first time I saw him in concert (with just Ray Cooper) in 1979 – way up in the nose bleed section – but was thrilled beyond belief? A dream come true.

Could it be every single time I get a new album or CD and listen to it for the very first time? And it’s a sacred ritual that I must listen to it by myself.  Like he’s singing just for me.

Could it be that time when I had front row seats right in front of his piano bench and I KNOW he smiled at me?

Could it be the friends I’ve made over the years and across the globe through our shared love of everything Elton? (For friends are found on every road…)

Could it be when someone tells me that every time they hear an Elton John song, they think of me?

Could it be the light you see in someone’s eyes after they’ve seen him perform live for the first time? And how blessed I feel to have shared that experience with so many family and friends?

Could it be when I realize I’ve been a devotee for more than 40 years and how my life has been enriched and beautified by his music – and still is?

Could it be the day I decided to write a blog about what his music means to me…and then each and every time I see that someone else has actually read it?

Could it be every “next” Elton concert I have the privilege of attending? I’ve been to more than 50 and I know that I’ll leave the next one exhilarated and reaffirmed in my passion for his music and his brilliance.

Yes, it could be…and likely so many more, too.

So, what is (are) your diamond moment(s)?  Do visit the Elton John: The Diamond Club Facebook group to see what other people are saying.

And check out the Diamond Moments on, too.  Here’s one about Crocodile Rock.