It’s been a long, long time

Thursday, April 28, 2022. The end of an era for me.

I went to my first ever Elton John concert while I was in college – November 8,1979 at the Atlanta Civic Center, a stop on the Back in the USSA tour.

Growing up in Homestead, Florida, I never thought I would be able to see him live in concert. Forty-three years later, and let’s just say I’ve been blessed to have seen Sir Elton a few more times. I can honestly say that I was truly, unabashedly excited for every single show.

Over the years, I’ve seen him:

With just himself and his piano.

With several different bands.

With Ray Cooper.

With Billy Joel.

With Leon Russell.

With the 2 Cellos.

With backup vocalists.

With a horn section.

With a choir.

With front row seats (twice)!

With nose bleed seats.

With seats on the side.

With floor seats.

In arenas.

In stadiums.

At Madison Square Gardens (finally).

At a music festival.

At the IBM Think conference.

Truly, Captain Fantastic…from the end of the world to your town.

I’ve also had the immense honor and pleasure to meet Bernie Taupin and his lovely wife, as well as all of the current members of THE BAND.

So, you ask, how was this last show?

In a word, FANTASTIC.

In another word, BITTERSWEET.

Yes, my heart is breaking a little bit, but not just because I’m sad that this amazing, spectacular, energizing, light the world on fire experience is over for me. It’s mostly because my heart is so full of wonderful memories and, dare I say bliss, that it just can’t hold any more.

So…Thank you, Sir Elton and Mr. Taupin, for your absolute brilliance. You’ve brought such happiness and wonder to my world. Indeed, you have rocked it.

A kiss farewell

And thank you to everyone I have shared the Elton experience with over the years. You’ve indulged me beyond my wildest dreams.