Among many other things, I am a HUGE fan of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, and I have been for quite some time.  You can’t know me without knowing that.  Anyway, I’ve wanted to write about how much their music has meant to me, so here goes…

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  1. I found this website while searching for information about the location of Hienton. Here, I found the exact phrase that has been written elsewhere on the internet: “A small village on the Isle of Wight situated off the south coast of England”. Do you know this to be true, or was it just taken as fact? I did an in-depth search on the Isle of Wight and could find no such village. All I found was one single reference to a home on Moor lane that had the name Hienton. However, it easily possible that someone name this house after the song! Another unrelated curiosity that struck me while I searched: Whatever happened to Diana Lewis, who played the Moog on this piece? She was briefly married to Paul Buckmaster (who arranged for EJ), but then completely drops out of sight. Now, I am curious about what became of her. Maybe she ended up in Hienton, wherever that is…

    1. I guess I took it as fact, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for the details – and for reading my blog! And I honestly don’t now what happened to Diana Lewis, I’ve wondered about that from time to time.

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