From one of my favorite albums (Sleeping with the Past is the dynamic duo’s tribute to vintage R&B), Whispers is a very vividly sensual song:

Look at me twice with wildcat eyes
Promise me everything except a blue night
Shudder like ice in cut crystal glass
Melt in embraces of crazy eyed past
And whisper, whisper, whispering whispers

You know, the first time I heard this song, I wasn’t so sure about the “whisper, whisper, whispering whispers” line…but it has since grown on me, and it now seems so apropos, almost onomatopoetic. What was I thinking?

Tantamount to a lie with lingering breath
Walking fingers run, hungry scratches left
Dull chimes ringing like an empty voice
A distant smile framed, her lips are soft and moist
With whispers, whispers, whispering whispers

*What an amazing line!!!


Whispers (Sleeping with the Past – 1989)