As perfect as the Fourth of July

Pinky’s as perfect as the Fourth of July…and so is this song.  An endearing ballad that (to me) paints a sweet vignette of young love:

I don’t want to wake you
But I’d like to tell you that I love you
That the candlelight fell like a crescent
Upon your feather pillow

I just love Elton’s voice in this song! I’ve always loved it when he provides his own harmony.  And the way he says “crescent”…oh my…  🙂

For there’s toast and honey
And there’s breakfast in bed on a tray
Oh it’s ten below zero
And we’re about to abandon our plans for the day

Ah, to be young and in love!  The ultimate pillow talk…waking in the morning, looking across your pillow at that special someone, not wanting to get up, because there’s nowhere else you want to be. (Did I mention that Bernie can write some of the sexiest lyrics?)


Pinky (Caribou – 1974)