A cat named Hercules

Sometimes you just need a happy, it really doesn’t have any meaning but to have fun song!  It’s been a long week, fraught with some unexpected health concerns, so I am desperately in need of de-stressing and having some fun.  And this song, Hercules, is nothing if not fun!

Gotta find him in the Hercules glasses!

Ooh I got a busted wing and a hornet sting
Like an out of tune guitar
Ooh she got Hercules on her side
And Diana in her eyes

Very 50’s in its musicality, especially with the doo-wops and the rollicking piano – and is that a touch of country swagger?  The guitar and drums are pretty cool, too (thanks, Davey and Nigel).  Yes, it’s a silly little ditty, but listening to it always brings a smile to my face.  Another song I used to dance around with my kids to in the living room.

I can’t dig it, the way she tease
That old tough man routine up her sleeve
Living and loving, kissing and hugging
Living and loving with a cat named Hercules
A cat named Hercules

If I ever get another cat, I will name it Hercules (of course).  I had 3 cats once upon a time, I can’t believe I didn’t name any of them Hercules!  Tsk, tsk, Kimoreena…

A cat named Hercules

Oh, yes, and Elton had his name legally changed to Elton Hercules John.  He chose the middle name “Hercules” not after the mythology hero, but after the horse named Hercules on the British sitcom “Steptoe and Son.”  Go figure.

Hercules (Honky Château – 1972)