Every flame that ever moved you…

…touched your lips but never mine…Ah, Bernie, you’ve done it again!

A song about love gone amiss – perhaps doomed from the start – quite fitting for an album entitled Breaking Hearts.  No, it’s not a new theme, even for the boys, but one that is portrayed in this song with a decidedly different twist.

It used to be a sweet sensation
No price too high for love
Now I pay for this bitter taste
And the price is not enough

I love the quirky musicality…I always thought the chorus in particular was disturbingly onomatopoetic (can you apply that to music)?   To me, the notes absolutely mirror someone jumping  off a building – repeatedly going from high to low, with the chorus ending abruptly.  Am I stretching it here? Listen to it – I’d love to know what you think.

And lovers leap off burning buildings
Waking up on a sky high wire
Desperation leaves us clinging
On the edge of a house on fire
Lovers leap off burning buildings
Live our life on borrowed time
Every flame that ever moved you
Touched your lips but never mine

I think what I like most about this song is the totality of it – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts concept.  It’s not the lyrics, the music, the vocals by themselves.  But together, you’ve got a noteworthy (blogworthy?) tune.

No room for conversation
Cold stares and angry words
Fall in pieces from our faces
We read “do not disturb”

Burning Buildings

Burning Buildings (Breaking Hearts – 1984)