Another New Year’s Eve…

…and, yeah, Mona Lisa’s getting older…

Always a time to reminisce – and a time to look forward, too.  “Raise a glass and have a laugh, have a laugh or two…” – It’s New Year’s Eve, for goodness sakes!

So what are my 2011 EJ highlights? Although I wasn’t able to see him live in concert this year (heavy sigh), I did order tickets to see the Million Dollar Piano Show in Las Vegas in April, and they’re occupying a safe spot in my EJ shrine as we speak.  It was quite a year for Elton, that’s for sure, and as well for an EJ fan like me, with:

  • The release (and unexpected success) of Gnomeo & Juliet
  • The Dapper Sir Elton at William and Kate’s wedding
  • Watching Elton via Livestream from the Tribeca Film Festival
  • Discovering all the movies to which Elton has contributed music
  • Celebrating the one-year anniversary of “The Captain and the Kim”
  • The Lion King 3D being #1 for at least two consecutive weeks
  • EJ3K
  • My husband making a Spotify channel of all the EJ tunes I’ve blogged about
  • Visiting South Beach for the afternoon and finding an EJ portrait (that now graces my wall) in one of the art galleries
  • The Million Dollar Piano (and the show kicking off in Vegas, too)
  • Two songs from Gnomeo & Juliet (Hello Hello and Love Builds a Garden) are nominated for Academy Awards
  • Zachary turning one

Things to look forward to in 2012:

  • Elton back in the studio in January (!!!)
  • Cameron Crowe’s documentary of The Union will premier in January
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for EJ and Bernie at the Oscars
  • April in Vegas

And I’ve no doubt that he’ll keep us on our toes throughout the coming year!  Happy New Year to all!

With that, I’ll leave you with these thoughts of an unreleased tune from The Captain and the Kid…even the boys reminisce from time to time…

Songs are lightning
When they strike you
You hang on every line
They’re bits of history
Don’t try to change ’em
It’s how you’re feeling at the time

The world is changing
We’re getting older
Simple things are hard to find
Hope they remember
What we did here
The ones we leave behind

That’s it I guess
It’s been some trip
But we’ll just shrug and say
It’s just my job
It’s all I know
I hope we did OK

12 (Unreleased from The Captain and the Kid – 2006)