The Year of 65

To commemorate 2012 being the year Elton turns 65, the Captain the the Kim is resolved to publish at least 65 blog posts this year.  You heard it here first.

That’s more than 5 posts a month – can I do it?  I certainly have enough fodder just within the EJ catalog, but I suspect the year may provide some other topics for me to yammer on about, too.   I mentioned some of these in my last post, but I’m so excited about them that they bear repeating (at least to me, anyway). The book signing is something new to look forward to:

  • The Union premieres on HBO on February 2
  • Elton and his band will be live in Ft. Lauderdale on March 9 (and guess who will be there?)
  • Elton’s 65th birthday on March 25
  • The Million Dollar Piano Show in Las Vegas on April 14
  • Elton’s book “Love is the Cure:  Ending the Global Aids Epidemic ” will be published in July (plus an audio book recorded by EJ – gotta have that!)

So not to worry, my stalwart fans…yes, I’ve been a little quiet lately, but the year appears rife with possibilities.