Who wears these shoes?

I think we know, but I want them!

Which leads me to comment (oh yes I must) on yesterday’s Super Bowl ad, “King’s Court.”

Of course, this was my favorite Super Bowl ad.  Was it the best?  Arguably not, but it was fun.

Elton is cast as King, presiding (Simon Cowell-like) over a medieval musical showdown with Melanie Amaro (X Factor winner).  The moral of this story: It’s not always great to be King.

Pepsi released an extended cut version of the ad.  I like this one better – more humor, the full rendition of RESPECT and (of course) more shots of the King.  Too bad they couldn’t play this one during the Super Bowl.  Enjoy!

P.S. Does anyone remember the Diet Coke commercials with Elton and Paula Abdul?  As good a time as any to reminisce:

Just for the taste of it