The Pilgrimage Part Deux – Episode 3

Estero, Florida (Tuesday, March 13) – Honestly, who would’ve ever thought that Elton John would make his way down to Estero, Florida – and now he’s performed there twice?  I guess it must be true…Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (does come) from the end of the world to your town…

This is the third – and final – leg of the Pilgrimage Part Deux.  Even with a couple of days rest, my voice is still a bit hoarse – but I’m still standing, and I’m still excited.

The Rocket Club seats were about the same as Fort Lauderdale – actually a few rows back, but Germain Arena is a smaller venue so it felt about the same.  Some day I’ll have to figure out how to get really up close again.

[Begin Almost Elton Sighting Story]

Around 7:50, I thought that I might want to head to the restroom, knowing that the concert would start at 8:00 on the dot.  I walked to the back of the floor area and headed up the stairs.  OMG, of course the women’s restroom was packed.  I turned left and started to head around the arena back in the direction of the stage to find another restroom, but decided against it.  Wouldn’t want to miss the 2Cellos, after all.  So, I found my way back to my seat, eager for the concert to begin.

Midway through the concert, Elton dedicates a song (Tiny Dancer) to all the ladies out there…” and especially to the ladies I bumped into in the restroom before the show.”  WHAT?  THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!  DOH.

[End Almost Elton Sighting Story]

Hey there Davey!

The 2Cellos opened up the show – actually at 7:56, believe it or not.  Rocked the house once again.  And Elton entered stage right this time to an all-adoring crowd.  Same set list, slightly smaller stage (no back lighting), different sparkly jacket.  (Oh, yes, and I love the band in their black suits and ties).

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Estero concert observations/notes:

  • The floor area was very cold before the concert…(the Arena is used by the Everblades hockey team, so the flooring was just covering the ice).  But after about 3 songs, you would’ve never know that there was ice underneath.  Hot.Hot.Hot.
  • The crowd was a unique mix of significantly older (70+?) and significantly younger fans than Kimoreena, but it was the best of the 3.  Elton really feeds off of the crowd.  He talked much, much more – and I know he ad libbed more during Madman Across the Water (I could tell by the reaction of the 2Cellos).
  • Loved his honesty when he introduced “Teenage Idol” and commented that the song was so obscure that he “didn’t even know what album it is on.”  (I do, I do)!
  • I’m not a huge fan of the song “Believe,” but it is much, much better in concert…and I always like the way Elton introduces it each time – “There’s not enough love in this world.”  Ain’t that the truth.  (Ask me about the one degree of separation I have with that statement some day).
  • 3 sellout crowds.  But why do the people in the seats around the arena (not on the floor) stay seated through most of the concert? And why does the whole crowd only get up when he starts “I’m Still Standing?”

So that’s the scoop.

The Pilgrimage Part Deux is in the books (or in the blog, as the case may be).  A great experience, needless to say.   I know it was very self-indulgent and a bit crazy to go to 3 concerts in 5 days, but how many times will I get a chance to do that?  It’s just pure fun, perhaps even a throwback to my youth – and it just makes me feel good.  Nothing wrong with that, imho.

So, thank you to Elton, Bernie, The Band, the 2Cellos, Lisa, Gary, Shaq and the other fans I shared the experience with.

And, if I may, Bernie, borrow a line…

If you ask how I am, I’ll just say inspired…(to say the least).