Kimoreena meets the Brown Dirt Cowboy

Can you believe it?  I actually met Bernie Taupin last night in Boca Raton, Florida!!!

His latest art was showing at the Wentworth Gallery here in Boca – I believe it is called the “More Than Words” exhibition.

In describing his artwork, Bernie says:

“Canvas to me is simply the visual extension of what I have spent my life creating through words. The imagination, in my estimation, is the most powerful tool the artist possess enabling us to conjure up beautiful distraction for the ears and eyes.

I have no formula except that which comes from what I dream, feel and see. To me colors are like words…they express emotions…likewise texture and mediums display an abundance of moods.” (Thanks to Lorrie’s Pop Life Art Blog).

Now, I’m not an art expert, I just know what I like.  And I am very impressed by his work.  His use of multi-media and abstraction is striking.  (And of course I appreciate many of the titles).  I really liked French Quarter, Rise, Fire Box and Monolith II.

And now for the big moment.  (Yes, I was nervous, but I held it together.  I was actually able to string words together and form a few sentences).

Bernie came up to me (looking quite dapper, I might add) with his hand extended and asked my name.  I said “I’m Kimberlee” and the gallery rep said “Kimberlee with two e’s” (we had joked about that earlier).  As he was signing, I spelled it out for him and he remarked that he had never seen it that way.  I said (ever the opportunist), “Maybe you could use it in a lyric someday.”  😉

I told him that my favorite piece in the exhibit was one titled “French Quarter” because it reminded me of lyrics of his song called “Paris” – “We’ll drink in the amber / when I get to Paris.”  He said “Wow, that’s deep.  I don’t even remember that.”

French Quarter by Bernie Taupin

We chit chatted a little about South Florida, and, as I was leaving, I said that I was honored to meet him.  And Bernie, ever the gentleman, said “Thank you, sweethaaaaahhhhhht.”  (That’s British for sweetheart, in case you were wondering).

Ok, yes, I am smitten.  And thrilled beyond words.

I also met his gorgeous and very, very nice wife Heather.  She grew up in South Florida.  She actually took this photo of my friend and I with Bernie:

Kimoreena, the Brown Dirt Cowboy and my friend Aristea

I never thought I’d get a chance to meet him in person.  What an honor!  And for him to be so gracious to everyone and to bring his family, it was quite lovely.  You know how you hear when people meet their idols and they end up disappointed?  Not me.  I wish I could’ve said something profound that would make him remember me, but I know I will always remember – and treasure – this moment.

Thank you, Aristea, for accompanying me.  And a special shout out to Pearl, my soul sister.  You know what I’m talking about!