And she dreams of crystal streams

One of my absolute, absolute favorite songs, and I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about Amoreena yet!  Mentioned it, yes, but not a fully dedicated post.  And it so deserves that.  So here goes my homage to Amoreena…

Lately I’ve been thinking how much I miss my lady
Amoreena’s in the cornfield brightening the daybreak
Living like a lusty flower, running through the grass for hours
Rolling through the hay like a puppy child

A song for a lost or at least distant young love.  Earnest, straightforward lyrics sung with such heartfelt emotion that the longing is palpable.  This is another one of those dichotomic songs that I love so much: Kind of innocent yet kind of provocative at the same time.

Thematically in line with the rest of Tumbleweed Connection, Amoreena just exudes Americana.  Close your eyes and tell me you can’t picture Amoreena, running through the grass for hours.  It is amazing to me that this song (and the album) was written in 1970 and the boys had never even been to America.

And thank you, Bernie, for some of the sexiest lyrics I’ve ever heard:

I can see you sitting eating apples in the evening
The fruit juice flowing slowly, slowly, slowly
Down the bronze of your body

Although the words are lovely (as always, Bernie), reading them – if you’ve never heard the song – doesn’t give justice to their sensuality.  Elton’s vocals and the timing of the music are just amazing.  You’ve really got to listen to it!

Amoreena is one of those songs that I play over and over and over again.  And I do like to play it loud, to0.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play it live though.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I owe my moniker (Kimoreena) to this song. Hoping to be that lusty flower of whom Bernie so eloquently paints a picture, perhaps?  (Better than being Pinky or Levonita, I guess)!

Side note:  Amoreena is on the soundtrack of Dog Day Afternoon.  Might have to add that one to my movie bucket list.

Amoreena (Tumbleweed Connection – 1970)