Happy (belated) second, The Captain and the Kim!

I almost forgot! (Well, technically, I guess I did forget, but…)

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of The Captain and the Kim.  97 posts later and I’ve got so much more to blog about! And I’m having fun, too.

I’ll need to play some catch up if I’m going to make my 65 posts in 2012 for Elton’s 65th birthday…I’ve only posted 20 so far this year, a far cry from the 5 per month I need to average to make my goal.  Bear with me! Sometimes little things like work, family and the flu get in the way.  (And not having my vast collection of EJ CDs from which to draw my inspiration…hint, hint, sister!)

Thought this was as good a time as ever to share a few of my favorite posts with you:

Here’s to more blog posts, yes, but most importantly, here’s to more music from Sir Elton!