Where in the world was Elton John?

So the 2012 Olympics is a fait accompli and not a sight nor sound of Sir Elton. As if there were any doubt, I was tremendously disappointed that he did not perform in either the opening or closing ceremonies, nor was his music even acknowledged.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed:


A glaring oversight?  Apparently not.  It appears as if Sir Elton was, at one time, the musical director for the London Olympics, but, at some point, was ticked off at the organizers and disassociated himself from the games.

All I can say is…can’t we all just get along?  I mean, he could’ve performed for over a billion people…and I can just about guarantee you that he would have been the highlight of the closing ceremonies…bar none.  Both sides should have come together and made amends for the sake of British music fans everywhere.  I guess in this case (and I’m talking for both sides) sorry really was the hardest word.