Breaking hearts (ain’t what it used to be)

Ah, would that I could still break a heart or two. I know that sounds pretty selfish, and I don’t mean to imply that I would overtly choose to break someone’s heart, but the unrequited love theme is a bit romantic (especially when you’re on the one side of it vs. the other). And, I must admit, there’s a bit of an ego-stroking aspect to it, too.

Of course, this song is about the opposite, someone who has broken many a heart and realizes (albeit too late) that it wasn’t worth it.

It’s not the night reaching in and touching me
It’s just that breaking hearts ain’t what it used to be
It seems that time has killed that cruel streak in me
And breaking hearts ain’t what it used to be

Sometimes a bit lyrically melodramatic, this song does contain some classic Taupin.  Take this line, for example:

The darkest part of every day
Is the shadow of another girl as she turns and walks away

Breaking Hearts has a retro feel to it – and I don’t mean because it was written in 1984. I mean really retro, from the 40s or 50s. I could picture Frank Sinatra singing this. Elton, the crooner. It’s very much in line with Blue Eyes (both the song and the legend).

Alas, this is the only video I could find of Breaking Hearts – apologies for the quality.

Now just don’t go breaking my heart.

Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used to Be) – Breaking Hearts – 1984