My sister can twist (and she can rock ‘n roll)

Guest blog by Lisa Greer

Sept 14th – Tampa USF Sundome-  #7

I’ll admit that for many years my knowledge of Sir Elton’s songs was a lot like that segment in the movie, “27 Dresses,” where I knew the artist, knew his classics and sung along in my car (loudly I might add, too) that ‘Benny and the Jets’ had “electric boobs,” and “solid walrus sounds.” I’ve come long, long way, though, in my appreciation for Elton’s musical talents, as I now have 7 EJ concerts under my belt in just a few years, thanks to my sister Kim. With each road trip, a new story is told, a different album is shared, and usually for me, a new favorite is learned. With a better understanding of the collaboration that has gone behind each song or album and then to watch him perform with commitment and gusto as if no moment should be taken for granted, I look forward to each concert opportunity like the excitement of Christmas morning to every child who knows it. On this last trip our brother Mark was recruited, and the sibling gigglry was constant and good times were had. Sitting beside my Rocket Club Fan sister, Kim, belting out EJ songs and dancing to everything from “Crococile Rock” to “Hey Ahab” keeps our hearts young and our spirits energized. I did miss “Monkey Suit” this go round, but I’m keeping the faith for another day.

I know that I’ll never know every word, every tune, or every meaning of every song as well as my sister, but my own list of favorites is growing as much as my respect for the artist. Thank you, sister, for sharing.

Looking forward to #8.