Just one more whisper of a voice unheard

Although I’ve blogged about this song before, honestly, what better song for Father’s Day than The Last Song?  It may be trite to say, but this is such a beautiful song – a song about a young man dying of AIDS and his (estranged) father coming to him before his death. I cannot watch the video (or listen to the song) without tearing up.

As for my own father, we had our own separation and discord. I spent  over 10 years of my life not speaking to him. “The hows and whys aren’t important now.” Suffice it to say I didn’t even invite him to my wedding (something I regret to this day).

Long story short, when my son was born, I thought it was time to make amends – that my father should know his grandson and that my son should know his grandfather.

Probably one of the loveliest revelations of my life – realizing that my father still loved me, even after all the years and the absence.  He (and my stepmother) never said anything to me about the previous ten years.  Didn’t ask why, didn’t judge.  Just accepted me and my family.

I can’t believe you love me
I never thought you’d come
I guess I misjudged love
Between a father and his son

Of course, I’m his daughter, not his son, but the sentiment still runs true.  And there’s a bit of role reversal going here compared to the song.  I was able to become closer to my father, spending a lot of time with him in the last few years of his life as his health failed him. And what a blessing that was! I learned so much about him that I didn’t know.  And, strange as though it may sound, I consider myself eternally blessed to have been with him when passed away.

So, Dad, this song’s for you.  Here’s looking at you, kid.

The Last Song (The One – 1992)