Fifty Shades of Grey Seal

I’ve always been enamored by the range and nuances of Elton’s voice.  Just like he’s played so many genres of music (and most pretty darn well, I might add), his voice takes on different tones and textures – through the songs of a single album and through the songs of so many years. I’m sure these variances are sometimes spawned by Bernie’s lyrics, sometimes by the orchestration and sometimes just by how he feels like singing, but it’s always amazed me that he can use his voice in so many different ways.


Alas, the years have moved on, and the nuances are less distinct and less common these days, but the voice is deeper, richer (and definitely much more precise in his pronunciations).

Anyway, to prove my point, I present to you Fifty Shades of Grey Seal…

  1. Country Elton (Turn The Lights Out When You Leave, Roy Rogers)
  2. Soulful Elton (Healing Hands)
  3. Heartbroken Elton (Candle in the Wind 1997)
  4. Innocent Elton (I Need You To Turn To)
  5. Sassy Elton (Monkey Suit)
  6. Wistful Elton (Come Down In Time)
  7. Bitchy Elton (No need to elaborate here)
  8. Very Young Elton (Lady What’s Tomorrow)
  9. Rock ‘n Roll Elton (Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, The Cage)
  10. Sentimental Elton (Tonight)
  11. Crooner Elton (Blue Eyes, Breaking Hearts Ain’t What It Used To Be)
  12. Melancholy Elton (One More Arrow)
  13. Respectful Elton (Candle in the Wind)
  14. Inquisitive Elton (Birds)
  15. R&B Elton (Club At The End Of The Street, Bennie and the Jets)
  16. Bluesy Elton (The Wasteland)
  17. Defiant Elton (I Don’t Want To Go On With You Like That, Made In England)
  18. Whimsical Elton (Solar Prestige A Gammon)
  19. Gospel Elton (Amazes Me)
  20. Pensive Elton (Where To Now St. Peter?)
  21. Thought Provoking Elton (Ticking, Talking Old Soldiers)
  22. Let’s Have a Little Fun Elton (Bite Your Lip Get Up and Dance)
  23. Irreverent Elton (They Call Her the Cat)
  24. Reverent Elton (Candle in the Wind)
  25. Reawakened Elton (Skyline Pigeon for Ryan White)
  26. Philosophical Elton (Circle of Life)
  27. Political Elton (Fascist Faces, Merry Christmas Margaret Thatcher)
  28. Honest Elton (Blues Never Fade Away)
  29. Bad Boy Elton (Angeline)
  30. Earnest Elton (American Triangle)
  31. Thankful Elton (Someone Saved My Life Tonight)
  32. Jazzy Elton (The House Fell Down, Heavy Traffic)
  33. Indefatigable Elton (I’m Still Standing)
  34. Gospel Elton (Answer In The Sky, Amazes Me)
  35. French Elton (Donner Pour Donner)
  36. Pioneer Elton (Ballad Of A Well Known Gun)
  37. Introspective Elton (Idol)
  38. Homesick Elton (Grimsby, Tell Me When the Whistle Blows)
  39. Silly Elton (Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’d Be A Turkey At Christmas)
  40. A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll Elton (Amoreena)
  41. Romantic Elton (Tiny Dancer, Pinky)
  42. Poignant Elton (The Greatest Discovery)
  43. Americana Elton (I Feel Like A Bullet, The Retreat)
  44. Sorrowful Elton (The Last Song)
  45. Yearning Elton (Planes, Whispers)
  46. Rebellious Elton (Burn Down The Mission)
  47. Optimistic Elton (Blessed)
  48. Exasperated Elton (This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore)
  49. Worldly Elton (Nikita)
  50. Nostalgic Elton (Old 67)

Do I have a favorite voice? Hmm…that’s hard to say.  I do love Gospel and R&B Elton, particularly as his voice has matured and deepened over the years.  To me, though, my favorite all-time vocal is Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.  In that song, his voice is (imho) perfection.

What’s your favorite Elton voice?