First episode at Boca Raton

It’s getting closer and closer with each passing day! The Diving Board will be here before you know it (not soon enough, of course, but it won’t be long).  September 24 is the release date in the US, and I think some lucky folks in Europe will get it on September 13 (next week)!


You know, as gratifying as it is to have so many new Eltonite friends across the world who are just as excited as I am about his latest album AND as much as I so love to hear your thoughts about his new music…I believe I’m going to have to call a moratorium (for myself) on any more Diving Board sneak peeks or pre-listens. My Eltonite etiquette just won’t allow it, and I’m afraid my Eltonite psyche just can’t handle it.

As I’ve said a few (too many?) times in this blog, I prefer to experience the “first time” of a new Elton John album ALL.BY.MYSELF.  No one else’s preconceptions, interpretations, or expectations.  Just me and Elton and Bernie (and, of course, the musicians).

To all the other fans out there, truly, it is nothing personal.  It’s a habit I have, acquired and practiced over the last 35+ years.  And trust me, it is going to be sooooo hard to resist the temptation to read your Facebook posts and blogs, watch videos and otherwise absorb The Diving Board chatter.  I’ll see them (I can’t live without my Facebook, after all), but I’ll just glide right past them and come back after I’ve had my alone time with The Diving Board.

I must add that I’m especially excited because the album seems to be getting a lot more promotion this go ’round.  And the reviews I’ve read so far are encouraging.  (No, more than encouraging – they’re down right effusive in their praises in some cases).

I’ve listened to (and blogged about) Home Again (LOVE IT), listened to Mexican Vacation (LOVE IT), but decided not to listen to Oscar Wilde after he played it in Leeds the other night.  It was hard not to, but it’s something I need to do for myself.  And I won’t read any more reviews about the album, either from fans or the music industry, until the time is right for me.

And with that said, I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!

PS. Dear,

My super deluxe edition of The Diving Board better arrive on my doorstep on September 24!  I cancelled my Amazon order because you were offering a better price, even though I’ve had great success at getting books and music delivered on their release dates by Amazon. I will be VERY disappointed if it is not in my eager little hands and playing over and over and over again on the 24th.

Yours truly,