When you least expect it, you can drown…

I didn’t expect to be blogging about My Quicksand before I commented on The Diving Board overall, but let me just say…I feel like I must! I have come to realize that this song is ABSOLUTE.GENIUS.

Which in and of itself is quite a surprise to me, because I didn’t really like the song at first (yes, my head hangs in shame). I gravitated toward Oceans Away, New Fever Waltz and Mexican Vacation.  After a few listens, though, my feelings about My Quicksand have done a complete turnabout. Let me explain.

Can a song be onomatopoetic? If so, then My Quicksand fits the bill.

I literally have a visceral, physical reaction when I listen to this song.  Nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  Yes, I’ve teared up at songs, I’ve had to get up and dance to songs, I’ve smiled at songs, and I’ve gotten angry from songs…but My Quicksand has a completely different effect on me.  It is amazing.  Let me try to explain.

Honest to god, when I listen to it, I FEEL LIKE I AM DROWNING. From the onset, I can feel my heart beat slow down. My chest feels heavy.  My breathing slows.  It is so weird, yet so gratifying, at the same time.

I’m thinking that this might even be dangerous.  Literally, literally…listen to the amazing baseline on the piano as Elton sings:

I’m going down
You and me together going down
It’s not what I’d been told about this town
That when you least expect it you can drown
In quicksand

But lest you think that’s the only stanza that affects me so – the whole song moves me.  Bernie’s lyrics (“When the arrow’s in the bullseye every time, It’s hard assuming that the archer’s blind”), Elton’s voice, the piano, the orchestration – just genius. (Sorry, naysayers, T Bone knew what he was doing).

One more observation.   The piano interlude is unexpectedly light.  But it fits – it seems right to me.  It’s giving up to the inevitability of that last stand. It’s relief.

Did I mention that I think this song is absolute genius?

Truly, when I least expected it, I drowned…in My Quicksand…

My Quicksand (The Diving Board – 2013)