I hear it’s hot in Florida…

And that it was, yes, that it was. On both Friday, November 22 in Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale) and Saturday, November 23 in Miami, as a matter of fact.  And I’m not talking temperature.

First things first – I don’t know how Sir Elton and The Band do it. I am completely exhausted after two concerts in two nights.  My legs are aching (too much dancing?), and I think I could sleep for three days straight. But WOW.  The live Elton John experience is always worth it.

The energy level was intense at both concerts.  Sir Elton’s, The Band’s, and the crowds’. I truly felt he had more energy here than at MSG just over a month ago.  It showed, and the crowds were very, very appreciative.

I didn’t take as many photos because I had taken so many at MSG – and I wanted to focus on the music.  I also made an effort not to watch the videos as much, too.  (Although I really love the ones for Daniel, Believe, and GBYBR).

A few photos from Sunrise:


And a few more from Miami:


Same set list. Same band. Different wardrobe. Slightly different commentary. But both times, the quintessential EJ experience.  Some observations:

  • I love Davey’s new yellow and black guitar (although I don’t like that it says “Goodbye” on it)
  • I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating…RAY. IS. A. BEAST.
  • That cheshire Elton grin gets me every time.
  • Confetti!

A quick poll of the SoFlo concert goers: If you had one word to describe your EJ experience, what would it be?

  • Lisa: Poetic
  • Amanda: Sparkling
  • Chloe: Brilliant

(Since you know that I couldn’t possibly leave it to just one word, I think those 3 capture the essence pretty well).

I must add that with each concert, I am getting a little more melancholy.  Right now, I have tickets for two more shows – and then that’s it for me.  I knew this (the Farewell) was coming, I just didn’t want to think about it.  And now it’s actually happening. (sigh)

But that’s ok – there’s treasure children always seek to find.  So…thank you, Sir Elton, for bringing the Farewell Tour to SoFlo for these two stops. Both shows were absolutely unforgettable. (And see you in Jacksonville and Sunrise again in 2019)!