I hope you don’t mind…

…I hope you don’t mind…

I’m going to see a sneak preview of Rocketman on Saturday, May 18…by myself.

Zero hour, 7 p.m.

I know it may sound weird, but it’s just something I’ve got to do. You see, whenever I get a new Sir Elton album, I must listen to it by myself for the first few times (preferably with headphones).  It’s a ritual of sorts.  Been happening for 40+ years.

And I want to experience Rocketman the movie the same way.  All by myself.  Just me and the movie. My experience and mine alone. And that’s not in any way meant to be selfish…it’s just how I (rock ‘n) roll.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this film for several years…first when Tom Hardy was announced as the actor; and then when Taron Egerton was named. And all the buzz and sneak peeks in between.

Having seen Taron as Elton, I am amazed.


I mean…really!!!  Isn’t he just (Captain) fantastic?

I will be sharing the experience with a few folks very soon. I have tickets for Thursday, May 30 and tickets for Friday, May 31.  I can’t wait!  (I just hope I’m not disappointed, but the reviews I’ve seen so far from Cannes are quite positive. Fingers crossed)!