On July 17, Australian dance music duo Pnau is releasing a remix album of Elton John hits called Good Morning to the Night.  (I can name that tune in one note).

I understand that Elton is very excited about this project, and I can imagine that Pnau is thrilled, but, me, I’m undecided.  Call me a purist, but I just can’t imagine certain (most?) Elton John songs remixed to a dance beat.

I know I should keep an open mind, but I heard the first single, Sad, from the album.  Thus the hmmmm….

Here’s the video – let me know what you think:

It is a remix/recreation of several Elton songs, including Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Crazy Water and Curtains.

Lest I be guilty of repeating myself, hmmm…

I know, I know, Elton has said it is the greatest compliment for someone else to sing one of his songs…I guess I’m just not so generous.  But I’ll try to take Elton’s perspective that this represents a new genre of music.  Here’s a video of Elton and Pnau talking about the project:

Ok, Pnau, I see your point – “Taking this genius music and giving it new life.”  If you put it that way, I guess I’m in.  And I must admit that the little snippet of Madman Across the Water remixed is intriguing.

Needless to say, the CD is pre-ordered, and I promise to give it a few spins before I rush to judgment.  And (of course) I’ll be blogging about it.

Stay tuned…